Do you feel like your work is missing something?
Do you want to know how to make your clients really feel something more about the images you create for them?
Do you want to find deeper meaning in your personal work?
Do you feel stuck with your editing?
Unsure how to make the leap from a hobbyist to a business owner?

let's talk about you!

Enough about me...

I want to help! 

We all start somewhere and the path to success is never “one size fits all”. You have to love what you do to enjoy the journey. It can’t be rushed, but you also can’t be scared of the growth when it happens. Want to know what has held me back the most in my career as a photographer? FEAR! It took me way too long to believe in myself, but a lot of things did have to happen to make me the artist and business owner I am now.

A lot of it was really hard life stuff that changed the way I viewed life and time. In order to put my all into this I had to make it mean something to me.

I had to find my voice.
I needed to know my “WHY”.

I’m here to share my story with you and help you dig a little deeper to find out how your life experiences can help you create work that will set you apart. Whether it’s your own story or your client’s, I want you to feel confident telling it. Yes some of that involves technical things like using your camera settings appropriately and knowing how to see light in new and exciting ways, but a lot of it is in the act of observation and introspection. 

2 Hour Virtual Meeting

I’m an open book! I want to help you in any and every way I can. I’ll start by having you answer some questions (a little homework before we get started), so that when we do sit down together I’ll know exactly what it is you want to work on. I want to make sure you get the most out of our time together!


3 x 1 Hour Virtual Meetings

Multiple meetings are an amazing option if you have a lot of things you’d like to cover like client management, editing, storytelling, etc. We can break things down for each separate meeting and build off of what we talk about each time. We can schedule each one as it works for you!


What will we cover? 

I’ll say it over and over again… you have to start here or your work won’t feel as meaningful to you or your clients. You have to know what drives you to create what you do and pull from that deep place that made you want to pick up your camera in the beginning.

We all start somewhere, so whether you’re new to photography or are ready to try some fun new things to elevate your images

Before we dive into editing, I want you to think about what look you’re attracted to? Editing exactly like someone else isn’t always the perfect fit, so I want to help you achieve the look you desire! I’ll show you how I do things, but will also teach you ways to use the tools in Lightroom to your advantage.

I’ll cover the prep that goes into booking my long-form documentary sessions from the initial inquiry to delivering the gallery! This includes what to ask prior to the session and how to make your clients feel totally comfortable letting you observe their day.

We will chat about the creative ways you can connect with your audience through your social media presence and ways to reach out to your ideal client in your community!

... and anything else you might want! 

So, are you ready to do this thing?

You’re feeling it, you’re down, you’re ready to invest in your talent… so what’s next?

If you’re ready to schedule a mentoring session (or sessions), click the button below to fill out a detailed questionnaire about your hopes and dreams for our time together. I ask for this first on the off chance I’m not the best person for what you need. Your time and money is valuable! I only want you to spend it on me if my knowledge will benefit you in major ways.*

After I receive your answers I will be in touch! If I’m the yin to your yang we will get all set up to chat. I will send you an invoice for your selected mentoring session and we will get it on the books!** All zoom calls will be recorded for you to keep and refer back to AND you’ll have access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can meet and bounce ideas off of my other mentees! Plus it’ll be a great place to check in and for me to see how you’re doing.

*Mentoring sessions are non-refundable due to the digital nature of the content. This is why I want to make sure I’m the best fit before you spend a penny!

**The invoice must be paid in full before our first meeting - the fee can be paid all at once or in installments. Just let me know what works best for you!

Let's Do This