the investment

Full Day in the Life (*8 Hours)

A Day in the Life session is a time capsule of your daily life from start to finish. Wake-ups, mealtimes, play, the mess, ALL OF IT. 

It's raw and real and meant to tell the true story of what your life looks like right now. No cleaning up or dressing up required!

Session Cost: 3 payments of $800

Half Day in the Life (5 Hours)

Being with your family longer than just a few hours means more natural moments. I have plenty of time to integrate into your family dynamic! With everyone at ease, your family's organic connections come out. It also gives us time to really tell the story of your day wherever it may take you (even if we never leave your house)!

Session Cost: 3 payments of $600

The Narrative (3 Hours)

A more compact storytelling session perfect for families looking to document a specific time of day, activity, or outing. It's also a great option for documentary Newborn and/or Maternity sessions. 

Session Cost: 3 payments of $450

Available only to previous clients and those that have booked a 3, 5 or 8 hour session with me. 

Perfect for beautiful and natural family photos within a shortened time frame. We can meet at a location for some exploring or plan an activity at home to document!

Session Cost: 3 payments of $275

The Short Story (60-90 minutes)

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"Oh man- it's truly hard to express what I love about Allie and her art. I am so thankful that my family was able to have a session with her. She captured all the things I wanted captured and our session photos truly encapsulate our home life. I am so thankful I will have these to look back on as my kids grow up into adults. I am especially thankful for the photos because we are moving this year(didn't know it when we had the session). The photos are so SOOOO stunning and mean so much to me. She is so easy and enjoyable to work with (for everyone including my kids and husband). I can't recommend her enough!" 

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